Watch ABC For Roku

By Gavin | December 07, 2017

Watch ABC For Roku

Today, we're taking a look at the brand, new 8 watch ABC app for Roku. This is a great cord cutting friendly channel on the Roku, that brings you a ton of content 100% free.

Now, there's a couple catches tons of great shows. Like you got agents of shields Modern Family. The middle, there's 38 shows lists down here, in total and other extras. I'll go over in a minute, but you need to wait 7 days after a airs. If you don't have a cable subscription, as you can see agent shields, the most recent episode is not available. But, the previous ones are available. Um, there's one other catch is they expire. I believe a month after, they come out. So, if you don't watch it in the month, you're out of luck like right here agents of shields. Um episode 3, 2, 1 and 1 of this season are not available. Because, they've expired. But if you keep on it, you have a whole month to watch the episode for free before it expires.

They also bring you extras all kinds of clips behind the scenes, sneak peeks and all kinds of different kind of categories. Um, the same thing works with like Jimmy Kimmel again. If you want to watch the full show, you have to wait all week.

So you see, there's several episodes that came out. This week are not available, because I hasn't hit 7 days. But then you have all the clips and extras, I often just want to watch the monologue or now. Here, there's a funny skit, you know mean tweets and so forth. So right here, is kind of a cool one you know doll chomp saw mean tweets and so forth you know extras clips interviews. Right here all available, now without a cable subscription. So pretty cool tons of content 38 different shows the Muppets, Nashville, Nightline 2020s on here, on the view this week and the list goes on they also have new specials. All for instance right here, is a Katrina from ten years after, the storm is a 42 minute look back at everything that's happened during the hurricane Katrina and after.

So that's kind of a cool feature that they got the store, all this specials here. They also have the American music war club cma clips and the list goes on. So really first-rate a great show all for car cutting. They do have all World News Tonight and again week delay. But, they do have you know a history of some of the older stuff. Here you got segment Bill Cosby football, all kinds of different stuff. So kind of a cool little, little piece there twenty, twenty. Um, you know, a lot of it's timely but then they also have a lot of human interest stories in here that can still be good America's Funniest Home Videos. Always a classic, you have it's a week late again, you get the extras and the actual show. So highly recommend this channel check it out and you can find a link to add it on to your Roku, on corkers news comm.

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